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Partner with an engineer who understands the value of code quality and process agility. Build your team or outsource - your choice - with someone who genuinely enjoys making things and making your ideas a reality.

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Thomas is a self-taught programmer who is always teaching himself new paradigms and new skills. This is not an exhaustive list of all the computer-related skills Thomas has, but an overview to give an idea of the breadth and depth available to clients or employers. Please contact me if you're in need of a resume.


  • Qt
  • Objective-C
  • Boost

Ruby & Python

  • wsgi
  • RoR/rack
  • numpy
  • nltk

Deployment & Administration

  • Jenkins
  • UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD sysadmin
  • Docker
  • chef


  • git & github
  • mercurial
  • subversion


  • html(5), haml
  • css
  • javascript, coffeescript, MEAN/node.js
  • Concrete5, wordpress


  • Agile/SCRUM
  • Management & HR
  • Pair Programming


Thomas is not only a competent software engineer, he also has worked on everything from the backends, to client code to photoshopping images for website and web application. Here is a small samples of websites and applications that Thomas works on.

Van der Stahl Scientific Inc.

Van der Stahl

Van der Stahl is the leader in its industry, and countless medical and general packaging customers frequent this CMS-based website every day to get valuable information. Not just an online brochure, is a valuable resource.


A website for intermediate to advanced learners of Japanese. Using delayed repetition and data mining, it assists learners in learning new words and kanji while keeping up with the latest news from Japan.

Thomas J. Webb

Yo dawg, I herd you like websites.. The website you are currently viewing is simple, minimalistic and fits on a single page. It's all pre-compiled and pre-minified from jade and coffeescript sources and uses bootstrap as is base.


In addition to being a software engineer, Thomas is also a competent amateur art and landscape photographer, competent both at processing RAW files and self-developing monocrohome film. His aesthetic is not the garish wide angle shots beloved by camera nerds, but pleasing geometry and use of negative space.

El Capitan Beach
Knapp's Castle
Lobster Cage
Pt. Mugu
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