Thomas J. Webb

This is just a page I put up to help tech people get a hold of me, see what I've worked on or what I'm currently working on. If you feel like chatting about technology or have an idea feel free to contact me any of the ways listed below.

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@thomasjwebb Find me on github, gitlab and Fediverse. You can also e-mail me or request a meeting on Calendly.

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@osakared Find me on Fediverse and twitch.


linkedin Find me on linkedin here.


This is not an exhaustive list but just a few examples of projects where I played a major role and either did management or wrote a significant proportion of the code that makes the app work. Some of these are my own projects made from the ground up by myself following a plan I outlined and based on meeting my own need or my own market research.

Tripoli screenshot


Next generation open source successor to Viu Calibrate that I'm working on. With a core written in Rust and support for multiple frontends, it will revolutionize datalogging and machine control. Contact me if you wish to be part of this!

Viu Calibrate screenshot

Viu Calibrate

Cross-platform high performance datalogging and machine control software used in labs around the world to calibrate mission-critical and medical packaging machinery. I made this because I wasn't satisfied with existing software at the time.

Trip Music screenshot

Trip Music

AI-based personalized therapeutic radio app. I managed the development of every part of this app, making high-performance real-time audio code as well as python-based machine learning-based playlisting.

Ditty by Zya screenshot

Ditty by Zya

Ditty was an app that turned your texts into singing music videos based on popular and classic songs launched in 2015. It repurposed audio tech we had made for Song Battles, speech synthesizers and syllable alignment tech.

Zya Music screenshot

Song Battles

Song Battles and Zya were music-making games. You could drum beats or sing melodies into it and it would confirm the whole mix to your chord progression. I worked extensively on the servers where the audio and music magic happens.

CRÆFT Softsynth screenshot

CRÆFT Softsynth

My first major software project, a surround-sound modular software synthesizer where location of outputs could be modulated like any other parameter. Functionality from this has been in the process of migrating to my open source api, grig.


The below is copied from my github page


Gitlab bandcamp email

2024/09/12-2024/09/14 Attending FediForum Online
2024/09/10-2024/09/13 Attending RustConf (TBD whether online or in-person)
2024/11/11-2024/11/13 Attending ADC online

I’m a software engineer. I consult through Osaka Red LLC.

I blog on tech stuff here and here and live stream open source coding on twitch.

I’m behind the open source haxe audio libs haxe grig, plus some other stuff.

I’m into audio programming, machine learning, server, client, web, hit me up if you have similar interests.

Talks (not exhaustive, let me know if any other talks I’ve done are publicly available):

プログラマーです。Osaka Red LLCとしてソフトウェアコンサルチングしています。


建材、haxe grigというオープンソース音響ソフトウェアを作っています。


c c++ haxe rust python node.js js react.js ruby linux freebsd

📷 Photography

I have been into photography my whole life and you can see a steady stream of my photos at my flickr or a more curated feed at my photography blog. Self-hosted pixelfed coming soon but this blog is also on the fediverse at I shoot both digital and film and develop b&w myself to control the kinds of results I get.

🦇 Music

I am a drummer, synth player and composer. I am a certified Bitwig instructor and have made a 🎹 controller script for it. I can also instruct on sound design, how synthesizers (of all types) work, etc. I also record music sometimes - check out my 💿 new single, my 💿 release from a couple of years ago and music video for it. See also the linktree for my music and other stuff.

🥙 Cuisine

Check out some vegan recipes on this website and in this repo. Also check out this ig and my occasional food booth.

🍺 Homebrew

I do small batches of all-grain brewing. See my recipes here and also the profile on untappd. My personal favorites are the piñon nut brown and campfire in your eyes.